National Business Women's Day Janmarie Freier, Owner of Studio 27


Peter: Why Fitness? Of all things to do in this world, how did fitness fall into your lap?

Janmarie: “I was always active. Years back, I was a member at a club and I had the opportunity to work a small job there and I liked it! I looked into becoming a Personal Trainer and I made it happen. I picked up clients, started group training, but after 5 years, I realized I was actually loving what I was doing, but I didn’t like where I was at. I ended up renting my own space here in Metuchen and luckily, I kept in contact with my old clients, and it started. 

Peter: How does it feel to be a woman running her own business?

Janmarie: “It feels great! I think we live in a time right now where if you’re passionate about something, you can just do it. Women don’t have to follow the “rules” anymore. We’re allowed to be flexible, creative, and we can honor all the pieces of our lives without missing out on anything.”

Peter: Best advice that you can give to an aspiring female entrepreneur?

Janmarie: “Take the chance and believe in yourself. Know that if you’re in love with something that you’re doing, turn your passion into something that works for you.”